How To Clean Your Produce With Ozone

In light of the recent Romaine lettuce E coli contamination I just wanted to share some tips about using ozone as I have not really seen anyone mention this as a way to purify potentially contaminated foods.  

The process is quite simple.  Buy an ozone generator.  Fill your sink with cold tap water (the colder the water the more O3 it can retain).  Submerge your produce in the water.  Then run the ozone generator air stone in the water with produce for 20 minutes.  Then pull out your clean produce from the ozonated water and let dry, no need to rinse off with dirty tap water.  

The ozone will completely oxidize and chemically destroy any an all pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and fungus that may be on your produce.  Not a big deal to do this with the food you grow at home, but should be applied to almost everything else you buy from the grocery store.  This is especially true for the really dirty foods like berries that are nearly impossible to clean otherwise.  The ozonated water can make contact with every surface of the produce and completely eradicate any contamination.  

I started cleaning all my produce with ozone after I started juicing.  If you don’t do this your healthy juice could potentially be a pesticide cocktail, or you could become sick from something like E coli.  

Here is the ozone generator I have been using for a couple years now:

I have the A2Z MP8000 model which has an air pump sufficient to make ozonated oil (different topic).  However, the cheapest model Aqua 6 is sufficient to clean your produce in the sink and ozonate a glass of water if you desire.  

Make sure you are doing this in a large room or open a window.  We have a large open living room kitchen and we are present for the 20 min it is running in the sink.  However, you don’t want to be huffing the ozone or standing near the sink while it is going.  Within a few minutes of turning it off the ozone is gone in the room.  

Here is the Youtube channel for A2Z products:

How to extend shelf life of fruits & vegetables

Lastly here is another great device for the fridge that is a mini ozone generator:
Berry Breeze

We keep a Berry Breeze in each fridge and it truly works to extend the shelf life of your produce.  Certain fruits and veggies release ethylene gas as they rot (like apples particularly) that then starts a positive feedback loop to accelerate the release of more ethylene gas and the rot process of other produce in the fridge.  The Berry Breeze destroys any ethylene gas that is off gased by your produce and thereby slows the rotting of everything else.  These are great little devices that pay for themselves pretty quickly.  

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