Spring/Summer Garden 2020

Summer Garden 2020 plans. Constructed April 2020. Plantings will include:

  • Replanting of asparagus #24 purple passion.
  • June-bearing strawberries #10
  • Ever-bearing strawberries #10
  • #100 Vidalia yellow onions
  • #100 Red onions
  • #20 Marketmore cucumbers
  • #5 Jalepeno peppers
  • #5 bell peppers
  • #20 pole beans
  • ~ #3 Chinese snake beans
  • ~ #3 Armenian cucumbers
  • ~ #3 Mexican sour gherkins
  • #60 Blue Lake Bush beans
  • #20 Magic Molly potatoes (purple)
  • #12 Yukon Gold potatoes (yellow)
  • #8 All Red potatoes (red flesh)
  • #24 Purple Molokai sweet potatoes
  • #16 Beauregard sweet potatoes (orange)
  • 3′ planter of cilantro by direct seed
  • 3′ planter of Mammoth dill by direct seed
  • 3′ planter of parsley
  • 3′ planter of basil
  • 3′ planter of thyme
  • 3′ planter of oregano
  • 3′ planter of sage
  • 3′ planter of rosemary
New raised bed above old asparagus bed.
Full view of layout. Large mound of dirt was taken out of raised beds at old house to be refilled into beds at new garden.

Filling beds as a layer cake consisting of:

  • Black plastic cut from within the bed and stapled to the walls of the bed.
  • Cardboard
  • Wood chips (breaking down for 2 years now, half composted)
  • Leaf mold (breaking down for 2 years now, fully composted)
  • Good compost/dirt combo from old house raised beds
  • Rock dust (Azomite, granulated Azomite, California Basalt Deposits, Elemite, Cascade Minerals), Biochar, hummic acid, and Effective Microorganisms
  • Leaf mulch layer from winter 2019 (not composted)
Cutting plastic from inside of new trellis bed and stapling to walls to prevent rotting so quickly. Ground scored of existing weeds and grass.
Cardboard layer.
Half-composted 2 years old wood chip layer. Fungal dominance layer.
Fully composted leaf mold layer, white specs being mycorrhizae.
New 3′ x 10′ trellis beds with 16′ cattle panel bowed 6′ apart at the base. Trellis stands about 7′ off the ground in the middle of a 4′ walkway.
Two more beds with two more panels will go behind this set.
4′ x 12′ cedar beds relocated and place level on top of 6 mil black plastic.
Black plastic cut and stapled to the top of the beds to slow further erosion. Corners were also patched with cuts of black plastic (not shown here).
Grass and weeds removed from floor of beds.
Cardboard laid on ground then covered with ~ 5-6 inches of half composted 2 year old wood chips.
Approx 4″ of fully composted leaf mold with white flecks of mycorrhizae added on top of wood chips.
Main garden view. Rows from left to right: Okra (Burmese + Red Burgandy), Onions (red + Vidalia), bush beans (Dragon’s Tongue), Cucumbers on trellis (Marketmore), potatoes (Yukon gold), Cabbages, extra tomatoes. Cages in back are also tomatoes.
Main garden side view. Rows mulched with leaves.
Full view of raised bed garden. Initial layer of gravel is down on about 3/4 of the space. White fabric placed on top of 6mil black plastic before being covered with 3-4 inches of gravel.
Both trellis bed sets finished and planted.
Deeper old cedar beds filled. Left row planted with potatoes and lightly mulched with leaves, will mound rows as they grow. Right row beds will be planted with sweet potatoes when slips are ready.
Trellis bed, front set, right side. 2 rows of cucumbers planted in left two rows to grow up trellis and South toward the sun. Far right row is 5 jalepenos and 5 sweet peppers.
Trellis bed, front set, left side. All onions here; half red half Vidalia. Will plan to harvest these in July and replant cucumbers for the fall garden to grow back up the trellis on this side.
Trellis bed, rear set, right side. Left row has 6 Mexican Sour Gherkins in middle plus 2 plants of Chinese Snake Python bean on the ends; all will trellis toward the South (left). 2 rows to the right are Blue Lake Bush Beans.
Trellis Bed, rear set, left side. Left 2 rows are more red and yellow onions. Right trellis row has 4 Armenian cucumbers direct seeded into the middle with extra eggplants and peppers on the ends.
Partially finished herb garden looking South. Left row of rings near to far: cilantro, basil (Thai + Lemon), oregano (Italian + Hot n Spicy), rosemary. Right row of rings near to far: dill (Mammoth), Sage (garden + Pineapple) and Winter Savory, thyme (German + Lemon), parsley (flatleaf).
Partially finished herb garden looking back North East. 6′ planters are strawberries; left is Ozark Beauty (everbearing), right is Honeoye (early June-bearing).
Honeoye strawberry bed. Year zero.
First figs of 2020 already growing.
Meyer lemons appear to have fertilized successfully. Hopefully these will be the first lemons I have successfully grown.
Cara Cara oranges. 3 successful fruiting on this tree. Hopefully this will be the first cara cara orange I have grown.
Finished view of rebuilt asparagus bed. Replanted with new crowns this year (Purple Passion), each crown planted within PVC section so as not to harvest those spots the next 2 years. New bed built soil replaced and mulched with leaves. Galvanized planters have purple Molokai sweet potatoes planted to harvest slips in the coming weeks to replant in deep beds to the far right.
Another look at the raised bed garden. All beds are planted except the two deep sweet potato beds to the far right. Most of the gravel is down but still doing finishing touches and a border.
A look at the new raised bed garden June 1st 2020 after approximately 6 weeks of growth.
A look at the traditional in the ground garden June 1st 2020 after approximately 6 weeks of growth.
A look at the main garden July 7, 2020. About 11 weeks from initial plantings.
A look at the raised bed garden July 7, 2020. About 9 weeks since initial plantings.

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