Brown’s Gas for Coronavirus

AquaCure AC50 SetUp and Operation

Comments from video above: 

Question = “any protocol for Covid-19 patient?”

Answer =

The normal protocol works

Note that the Brown’s Gas has already been endorsed for COVID-19 therapy by both the Chinese Government, EU organizations and UK Doctors.  

Brown’s Gas (aka HydrOxy or HHO) inhalation has been confirmed helpful to treat the pneumonia caused by coronavirus. Hydrogen molecules do not directly target the new coronavirus, but can eliminate the inflammation caused by the virus, so as to play an auxiliary therapeutic role. The most superior feature is anti-inflammatory and no side effects. Anyone can use it. This is report from national health commission of China.

Prof. Zhong Nanshan, Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist (discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003) recommends the hydrogen-oxygen gas mix inhalation based on data received from Chinese patients in Wuhan. National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China says “Inhaling mixed 66.6% hydrogen and 33.3% oxygen is advised to treat the covid-19 virus pneumonia.”  As #1 on their treatment list.

Original Document  

English Translation

Confirmation by the European Respiratory Society.  

Skip forward to 34 minutes to see the Chinese Doctor confirming they are using Brown’s Gas (aka HydrOxy or HHO) to treat the COVID-19 and it’s effectiveness (and see video of it being used).    

Note that they don’t call it ‘Brown’s Gas’ in China, the say 66% (or 67%) hydrogen, 33% oxygen.   

China is now doing a human study using Brown’s Gas to mitigate COVID-19.


More human trials, to date (March 26, 2020) more than 1000 patients have been treated with Brown’s Gas with excellent results.

Why Brown’s Gas helps:

Call for use of Brown’s Gas

Brown’s Gas is not a cure for COVID-19 but can provide significant immune system boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is because COVID–19 infections typically cause an overreaction of the immune system resulting in damage to body cells and eventual blocking of airways. This is called a Cytokine storm.  Normally anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen are used to help reduce this inflammation but Ibuprofen is suspected of making COVID-19 worse and other anti-inflammatory drugs are simply not effective in all cases. There is therefore a need to offer a variety of different treatments.

Breathing Brown’s Gas has been shown to significantly reduce this type of inflammation. 

In the end Brown’s Gas is a much better over-all answer to ANY pathogen (rather than virus specific vaccines) because you don’t have to ‘guess’ which virus will predominate.  The body’s immune systems, once enhanced with Brown’s Gas, will take out nearly ANY pathogen.

Tywon Hubbard Hydrogen treatment of COVID-19 Update 

FAQ:  Can one breathe the Brown’s Gas if one is fighting a cold?    Can one use it if one has a cough?  

That is a big debate.  In the end it depends on the virus.  There are (a very few) strains that LIKE the gas and multiply.  This is rare, but does happen.  So in those cases, inhalation of BG will extend the ‘cold’ (won’t make it worse, just longer).  

Some viruses, like COVID-19 don’t seem to be affected by the Brown’s Gas AND the BG has been recommended as a successful therapy in treating the COVID-19 virus, so in that case YES, by all means use BG.  

FAQ: How can we know which viruses are pro or con BG?    

I have no idea, you need to test each one and there are billions… But the current COVID-19 is proven ‘’pro’.

FAQ: Wouldn’t the Brown’s Gas alkalize you and thereby help the body to heal?  

First, hydrogen doesn’t kill anything.  It’s not an antibiotic or a vaccine, etc.  It’s a FOOD, your most important nutrient. That said, generally, the BG is better as a prevention than a cure, because over time BG increases the effectiveness of the body’s own immune systems, so people simply don’t get sick.  

Remember that BG isn’t ‘just’ hydrogen, it also contains ExW, so you get more benefit than with hydrogen alone.

Generally, BG is a FOOD.  So use it like that.  It’s a food that your body needs to heal itself.  How each body and ailment react are very individualistic and there’s literally no way I can predict with enough accuracy to advise anyone of anything. 

There seems to be no reason not to try it and PLENTY of reason to try it.

Here’s a recent (March 27) testimonial from a Canadian woman living near Toronto, Ontario (heavy COVID-19 infected area). “In August 2019, my daughter came back from a summer camp with some virus that affected the whole family.  It was mostly respiratory; we all had a bad cough for several weeks.  After that, I had a sore throat on and off the entire fall, and I felt a lump on the right side of my throat that did not go away.  I could also feel it when I was swallowing, mostly when drinking liquids.  I never had it checked, although I was slightly concerned about the fact that the lump remained and the slight pain in my throat was not going away.  After I bought AquaCure in December 2019, I immediately started to drink the recommenced amount of the water.  After only 2 days, I woke up and realized that the lump and the pain was completely gone, never to return.  Since then, when I feel I am coming down with something, I make sure I have plenty of water and I am completely fine the next day (although I drink it daily, but not always as much as I should).  I avoided getting sick despite being on trips and sharing rooms with people who got terribly sick with cough and fever.  I was always the lucky one.  I attribute this to the hydrogen infused water.  I also breathe occasionally, but the water alone seems to be helping greatly to stay healthy.  I also did topical application of the water and air on my 9-yr. old son’s eczema, which healed beautifully in five days – it went from rough inflamed red patches on his wrists to completely smooth skin.  It was almost unbelievable.  I think hydrogen is absolutely amazing.  Thank you!!” ~ MT 

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FAQ: Can I use Ozone and HydrOxy therapies at the same time?  

Ozone has it’s place but do not use it at the same time as hydrogen, because they will literally cancel each other out.

Ozone is oxidizing and drying, good for stressing the body and the immune systems.  Ozone can give ‘extra’ oxygen to a body that needs it for energy generation. Ozone therapy is like a mild chemotherapy, causes the body severe stress in an attempt to jog the immune system.  It will kill pathogens that can be oxidized and helps various chelation and detox treatments.

Hydrogen is anti-oxidant and hydrating, good for rebuilding the body and immune systems.  It rebuilds organs, repairs radiation damage, reactivates immune systems, reactivates regeneration systems (helping the body rejuvenate). The ExW portion of HydrOxy helps that process happen faster.

The treatments are opposites so don’t use them together or they will cancel each other out.  I don’t have a good protocol to use them at the same time… But I feel that doing Ozone about 3 days a week and HydrOxy the other 4 days would be effective.  

Personally I just used the HydrOxy (drinking and breathing) to achieve my health gains… Because MOST ailments are caused by or exacerbated by… hydrogen deficiency.  We can get plenty of oxygen just by hyper-ventilation.

Hydrogen comprises 62% of our body (by volume) and therefor is our most important macro-nutrient.  See this Blog for more information:

I said not to use a mask.  Because it’ll concentrate the hydrogen to greater than the 4% explosive limit.  Use cannulas ONLY.

You don’t want to use oxygen and hydrogen therapies at the same time, but those ‘oxygen’ therapies I’m talking about are like H2O2, MMS, Ozone, etc.  Not just supplemental oxygen in cannulas.

Brown’s Gas is mostly hydrogen (also ‘normal’ oxygen and ExW), which NEUTRALIZES oxygen free radicals, which is essentially what ozone is.  So no, you can’t use them together

Brown’s Gas does the opposite of ozone, giving the immune system what it needs to help the body heal. 

That’s why scars disappear (the body’s regeneration system reactivates)

That’s why warts disappear (the body’s immune system strengthens enough to kill viruses, etc.). Brown’s Gas hydrates the body like nothing else.

Do NOT combine Ozone or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or MMS therapies with HydrOxy (Brown’s Gas) or other hydrogen modalities, like these:

They are OPPOSITES  and will cancel each other out.

Ozone is the poor man’s chemo.  It stresses the immune system and helps ‘oxidize’ but creates free radicals.  MMS and H2O2 are also ‘oxidizers’…

There’s nothing wrong with oxygen therapies, used appropriately, but they cannot be used at the same time as Hydrogen therapies.

HydrOxy (BG, Brown’s Gas, HHO, etc.) are hydrogen therapies, which (as one of their main functions) NEUTRALIZES oxygen and free radicals… Combining with the oxygen and turning it into water.

So if used together, the oxygen and hydrogen therapies cancel each other out.

My suggestion, if you want to use both, is to use the oxygen first, to stress the immune systems, chelate toxins and kill pathogens; then (after a few hours) do the hydrogen to mop up free-radicals and give the body what it needs to heal.


Question:  “I am intrigued about a hydrogen sauna”

Answer:  You do not use an inhalation mask because that can concentrate the hydrogen into an explosive concentration. Use cannulas and you’ll be safe. The goggles are vented (to release excess hydrogen) and not over your nose and mouth, so you are not inhaling.   A hydrogen sauna is a bad idea if it is not appropriately vented so that the hydrogen concentration cannot exceed 4%… Unless you like sitting in a bomb with the power to blow the windows and doors out of your house. People… Please be SAFE. A safe way to treat your entire body is to take a hydrogen bath. Bubble the hydrogen in the bathwater.


Content in video above:

Oxidation is a base of all disease

Hydrogen on it’s own is a nutrient; how does the body become deficient in hydrogen?

Why it’s so important to use distilled water in the Aquacure machine

The difference between drinking the hydrogen water and breathing the gas

When it’s comes to hydrogen, you don’t want to do “more”, just “longer”. George explains this when answering this question: Good morning all! We have an AquaCure and would like a refresher on the breathing. When does a body reach saturation while breathing and how long does it stay in the body and do its good stuff? Is more breathing better, or is there a maximum?

Stories of how hydrogen has eased COVID-19 symptoms helping those affected to breathe easier

Changing our DNA with our thoughts

George addresses a concern from a listener who bought an Aquacure machine: I bought the Aquacure, and have since seen a few other people who bought one as well. They have videos online sharing the differences between the Aquacure and others. One guy talks about how toxins are in the water with the Acquacure and how it is not a good idea. Another guy uses the machine and promotes it and has added another two containers of water the gas goes through. This has had me very concerned.

Question from a listener: Can using a $200 Hydrogen water machine have any effect, at least as a stop gap until we can buy one of yours?

George springs a surprise 20% off sale thru May 27th

Question from a listener: Last year you mentioned a new protocol using the AC50 to create New Water. Are you still planning to release that and if so, when can we expect it?

Question from a listener: Dr Cowen states deuterium is not good. Deuterium is an isotope of the hydrogen atom that occurs naturally in water. Does the AquaCure have any concern with this?

George gives a good word of warning about sleeping with the hydrogen machine @ 100% when answering this question: I have been using AquaCure for a month. I have plenty of scars and have not seen anything change .Am I missing something or doing something wrong. Sleeping with hydrogen at 100%

Can drinking bubbled distilled water affect the body’s pH as tested via urine?

Question from a listener: Lets say I breathe the brown’s gas, then stop for moment but will do later, does it help to release the pressure (loosen knob) and turn off machine or just keep knob tight and keep on. Does it matter in terms of longevity of the Aquacure?

Question from a listener: Can I hook it up to my cpap machine to breathe it at night?

Question from a listener: I’m getting near the 200 hr point. Can I use a plastic tub to empty the lye water into? Or should it be glass?

World authority on Molecular Hydrogen and Brown’s Gas on the super antioxidant properties and more benefits from this cutting edge technology, May 12, 2020

Comments from video above: 

My question:
1) Can I absolutely purify “tap water” for the AquacureAc50 once I get the machine running(with distilled water)? Maybe with a torch?

2) George says you shouldn’t store BG. However, is selling BG in cylinders as propane replacement. How? Maybe it’s not too compressed?

3) Dr Rowen of Ozone Therapy administers also through the rectal part. Could this be applicable for BG?

4) Is there an option to seperate the hydrogen gas from oxygen?

May 27, 2020 @ 10:16 am

George Wiseman

My question:
1) Can I absolutely purify “tap water” for the AquacureAc50 once I get the machine running(with distilled water)? Maybe with a torch?

GW/ No. You must use pure (distilled) water in the AquaCure so that pure gas comes out. Putting impure water into the machine will (depending on the impurity) cause problems like excessive sludge buildup, plugging of orifices, coating of electrodes resulting in gas reduction, dissolving of electrodes resulting in stopping gas production, foaming resulting in loss of lye, and various kinds of poison gas produced like chlorine and carbon monoxide. Use pure water to avoid these issues.
Once the BG is made, you can convert it into pure DDW and ‘New Water’ using the torch and a condensation apparatus that I will show people how to do, hopefully by next year.

2) George says you shouldn’t store BG. However, is selling BG in cylinders as propane replacement. How? Maybe it’s not too compressed?

GW/ is only has a company ‘named’ Brown’s Gas. The gas they actually sell is Propane. As far as I can see they are not selling BG.

3) Dr Rowen of Ozone Therapy administers also through the rectal part. Could this be applicable for BG?

GW/ FAQ: Can I use Brown’s Gas for rectal, ear or vaginal suffocation?
Pure BG is explosive. I wouldn’t ever recommend putting a potentially explosive gas inside your body.The reason we can inhale the gas is that we mix it with enough air that the % of hydrogen falls under the lower explosive limit in air (any mixture containing LESS than 4% hydrogen is non-explosive)…
The Brown’s Gas mixture is not toxic (exceedingly healthful in fact) but is explosive and is easily ignited by static electricity.
Putting the pure BG, (67% hydrogen, 33% oxygen) into any body orifice is just asking to really mess up or KILL a person if it explodes inside the body.

4) Is there an option to seperate the hydrogen gas from oxygen?

GW/ Not with Brown’s Gas electrolyzers. They are specifically designed NOT to separate the gasses, which allows them to make the ExW that H2 machines cannot ‘make’. Pure hydrogen (H2) has no theraputic advantage over BG and BG has a therapeutic advantage over H2 because it contains ExW (bio-available electrons)

Question:  What’s a good level of hydrogen for hydrogen water on a hydrogen meter? Saw people testing the water on different hydrogen water generators. George could you manufacture a lower cost machine just for hydrogen water only? , I’m really not interesting in breathing hydrogen for several hours, I don’t have time for that, plus I’m pretty healthy,..don’t want the skin treatment either, Just want the hydrogen water. If you had a lower cost hydrogen water only generator I’d be interested in that for myself, & friends & Family. Really want to know what reading Good quality Hydrogen water has on a hydrogen meter?? Nobody talks about that ? Is 1.31 a adequate level? How much hydrogen in the hydrogen water made by your machine on a hydrogen meter?, could you show that on one of your videos? I checked your website & it doesn’t give the reading for hydrogen in the hydrogen water from your machine?


Level of hydrogen in water is a good question to ask previous technologies like these: ,

but redundant with inhalation technologies like the AquaCure, because 12 seconds of inhalation will put as much hydrogen in your blood as drinking a liter of 1.6 ppm hydrogen infused water. And the AquaCure infuses the water with HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas or HHO) which puts a spectrum of healthful gasses into the water. The gasses are Hydrogen, Oxygen and ExW. The ExW portion super-charges the healthful effects of hydrogen by giving the body the ENERGY (bio-available electrons) this it needs to heal.

As far as inhalation vs drinking… You need to do BOTH for maximum therapeutic benefit. Unfortunately we are all hydrogen deficient and not as ‘healthy’ as we think we are. If you catch colds, or have warts, scars, etc. You are hydrogen deficient. Our bodies are 62% hydrogen by volume (and all the processes in our body use hydrogen either directly or indirectly), thus it’s our most important macro-nutrient. So issues respond best to drinking, some to inhalation. Thus you need to do both. As an example:

My personal (to date) rejuvenation:

As I write this (Sept, 2019), I’m nearly 61.

You can see what I looked like in March of 2016, when I started inhaling Brown’s Gas (starting at 4:30)

I now look like I did when I was 45.  

A picture of me at 45 is on my YouTube header.

I cut out most simple carbs when my late wife got sick in 2005.  This diet stabilized her blood sugar and I lost 30 excess lbs.  

At that point I also started drinking Brown’s Gas Bubbled Water… 

My late wife would never drink the bubbled water… It was her choice, and she did try many things… She was afraid of the bubbled water being a pH of 8. At the time I didn’t know how much the HydrOxy would have helped her.   Her death almost killed me too.

It was another really tough time for me when a customer reported a complete remission of her lupus symptoms in only 3 weeks… And my late wife had battled it for 10 years before the side effects killed her.

I’d been working with this technology (with various applications) since 1986… And didn’t know it was the thing that would have returned her to health until after she died in 2016…  It still hurts.

I’ve kept up this ‘diet’ since then… And since then I’ve never gotten sick and I’ve maintained my weight at about 190 lbs (I’d prefer to be 180 lbs).

But this is all I achieved by simply drinking the HRW for over a decade… I didn’t start getting my REAL health gains until I started breathing the HydrOxy gas in March of 2016.

My inhalation experience:

My psoriasis on my elbows, knees and feet disappeared (baby smooth skin in 3 weeks)

My arthritis in my hands disappeared (3 months).

My tinnitus reduced by 90% (8 months)

My neuropathies (left palm and both shins) disappeared (full feeling restored over 6 months)

My hair (was grey and bald on top) is coming back, thickening and darkening (ongoing)

My heart murmur disappeared (had it since childhood) (8 months)

My warts all disappeared (again had since childhood) (6 months)

My eyesight improved to where I seldom wear glasses (wore since childhood) (6 months)

My scars have all disappeared (again had since childhood) (8 months)

My libido increased significantly (I noticed this within 4 weeks)

My muscles hardened and I had more endurance even though I was not exercising,

My balance has improved so I can stand on one leg (without leaning on a wall) to wash my toes in the shower.

After breathing the HydrOxy since March of 2016, I now look like I did 15 years ago (less the excess weight and the glasses).  So I not only stopped aging, my biological age has reversed.

If it makes any difference to your decision, I offer a  1 YEAR 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund of purchase price

You can try it for a full year and your savings are safe if you don’t want it.

Personally, you couldn’t pay me $1,000,000 USD to quit inhaling HydrOxy… My health is GREAT and I enjoy life… And the studies are showing a 30%+ (up to 50%) healthful life extension… How much are a few extra decades of healthful life worth?    

(about June of 2019) I got a surprise when I noticed that I was putting my socks on by standing on one foot… Without leaning on something.   And as I started thinking about that, I remembered that I’m now washing my toes in the shower without leaning on the shower wall.   And I realized that I’ve now re-acquired BALANCE that I wasn’t even aware I’d lost somewhere in the past.  

So even though the HydrOxy gas only infuses water to about 0.4 ppm of hydrogen, the ExW and Oxygen ALSO infused in the water make it more therapeutically healthful than ‘pure’ molecular hydrogen infused water.  HydrOxy is the ‘next generation’ of hydrogen therapy.

And as for cost… I’m sorry.  I’m working really really hard to get the cost down.  I’ve achieved a drop from $4000 to $2500 using parts from China, and upgrading them to my standards.  I’m hoping that mass production will bring the cost down further but this is where we are now.  I WANT to bring the price down because my mission is to help as many people as possible and I’d sell 10x more machines at a lower cost.

There are ‘cheaper’ options out there.  But you get what you pay for.  If you find one you are interested in, send me the link via: and I will give you an evaluation so you can make an informed decision.

I could (like them) make a machine that is ‘cheap’ BUT refuse to sell machines that do not have the certified safety features of the AquaCure. I want to help people, not hurt them. So, I designed the AquaCure based on my 30+ years of experience, both for optimizing electrolyzers for specific applications AND from having people actually USE them. I could not sleep at night if I was selling machines without the safety features. And then I added functionality (optimized) so that people can do therapies not possible with virtually all the other ‘options’ out there.

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