When BG rises >120 Immune Function Drops Over 75%

When blood glucose rises > 120 immune function drops over 75%. 

White blood cells require vitamin C as a cofactor to consume, oxidize, and eliminate pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, cellular debris etc).  The rate at which white blood cells can kill these pathogens is known as the phagocytic index (“phage” meaning consume).  When blood sugar remains < 120 the max rate that white blood cells can process are 16 pathogens per hour.  You can also imagine the phagocytic index as the Pac-Man rate or the number of bad guys your immune cells can process per hour.  The phagocytic index can drop as low as 1.9 per hour as blood sugar rises significantly over 120. 

White blood cells need a vitamin C ratio of 50:1 intracellular to extracellular in order to function at full capacity of 16 bad guys per hour.  Humans cannot produce their own vitamin C so we must consume it from our diet.  Almost all other animals are capable of producing their own vitamin C on demand in the liver whenever the animal encounters oxidative stress of any kind.  Vitamin C is produced from glucose.  Glucose is the chassis.  There are 4 steps that convert glucose into vitamin C.  Humans lack the necessary enzyme for the 4th and final step of this process to occur thus we must get vitamin C from our diet.  Since the chemical structure of vitamin C is so similar to glucose they are nearly indistinguishable by the white cells in the blood.  When blood glucose levels rise above 120 the white cells soak up that extra glucose diluting the concentration of vitamin C within the white cell and decreasing the phagocytic rate. 

Does it make sense now why diabetics have so many chronic problems, especially healing?  Many Americans snack all day long, primarily on carbs and sugar.  Many people may never have normal blood sugar < 120 except for the few hours after they go to bed when they haven’t been eating.  Many of these people are chronically operating at 1/4 of their immune capacity days on weeks on years on decades.  White cells not only process and remove pathogens but also cellular debris from ruptured cells.  For example you pull a muscle or strain a tendon and through that physical trauma some cells are ruptured and spill their contents into the blood stream.  White cells will also work to clear this intracellular trash out of the extracellular space/bloodstream.  Diabetics take much longer to heal from physical traumas just as much as infections as the white cells are busy picking up litter/glucose when they should otherwise be catching the bad guys. 

How to utilize this information?  Know that whenever you are feeling sick or recovering from an injury the best help you can give your immune system is to restrict carb/sugar intake and to dose up on Vitamin C.  By keeping your blood sugar under 120 you are removing as much burden off your immune system as possible.  This will keep your Pac-Man rate at 16 bad guys per hour and speed your recovery, or prevent you from getting sick in a household with other sick family members.  This is also an absolute must for anyone fighting cancer as all cancer cells are obligate glucose metabolizers.  Cut the carbs and sugar and you starve out the cancer cells while giving your white cells a leg-up in the battle to kill them.  This is why high doses vitamin C have been proven to kill cancer.  The vitamin C does not kill cancer, it just allows your body to self heal.

Shifting to a fat based diet over carbs is healthiest way to live your life.  Natural carbs and sugars through fruits and vegetables are not a problem if not consumed in excess because the sugars are bonded to fiber which slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream.  Whole fruits and vegetables have a low glycemic index by default (most at least, grapes being an exception).  Plus fruits and veggies have many other phytocompounds that act as antioxidants themselves.  Simply eat living foods without an ingredient list for best results.

When supplementing with vitamin C be sure to get from a non-GMO source.  Most vitamin C supplements are made from GMO corn which carry their own risks such as glyphosate contamination and GMO DNA.  Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so it will pass right through you as your body can only pull what it needs in that brief moment and the rest will be excreted out through the urine.  Liposomal vitamin C radically improves bioavailability for uptake by your white blood cells.  Lastly, L-ascorbic acid is the active form of vitamin C which is also available in powder forms.  All organic compounds exist as stereoisomers (duality) and often times only one of them is the active compound.  Think of this as your left and right hands, the left glove is the lock, and your left hand is the key.  Stereoisomers are identical compounds (mirror images) with different spins.  L-ascorbic acid is the active form of vitamin C that you want to consume.  Vitamin C supplements that do not specify this information contain equal amounts of both, the left spin just does the actual work. 

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